Thursday 30 May 2013


At 6.30pm on Thursday 29th May, Abdul was released from detention and is now back home in Leicester with his adopted family, friends and supporters.

We would like to say a huge thank you to each and every one of you for your support.  We have no doubt that your help in giving Abdul's case such a high profile has greatly contributed to his release


Although we've all managed to halt the last deportation, Abdul is still at risk of further detention and possible deportation.  So we now have to work on his asylum claim to prevent the same thing happening to him in another few months.  That means, the case and the campaign are not over and we still have work to do to get him permanent residence here,

That said, Abdul is very happy and once again, we'd like to say a big thank you to all of you.  Your support so far has really helped make a difference!

Monday 20 May 2013

Campaign Updates


The petition to get Abdul out of detention and halt his deportation has now reached 3,000 signatures, a magnificent achievement in just over a week.

It was great to see everyone at gathering during the Sunday morning kickabout by Abdul's football team, FC Kolektivo Victoria.

Towards the end of the gathering, we were informed that Abdul was being moved from Morton Hall to a centre near to Gatwick Airport.  The matter is now with Abdul's legal team and we are waiting to see the outcome of the legal process.

Meanwhile, a report by ITV local news can be seen here:


Friday 17 May 2013

Abdul Must Stay! Show of Strength for Abdul Rajabali this Sunday

Call out for people to gather together in a show of strength for Abdul Ghafar Rajabali

Abdul, who has been in detention this past week awaiting deportation to Afghanistan, is scheduled to be removed early next Wednesday morning at 00.10am.  In the meantime, his case is going to Judicial Review, the petition has collected well over 2000 signatures and supporters are sending letters to MPs, the Home Secretary, the Minister for Immigration and others.

But it's vital that we keep the momentum going and maintain a high profile for Abdul's case.

Abdul has made many friends and adopted family here in Leicester and this Sunday, we can all have the chance to meet face to face in support of our mate.  The gathering is to coincide with when Abdul's football team, FC Kolektivo Victoria, meets for their Sunday morning kickabout at:

10.00am at Victoria Park five-a-side pitches
next to De Monfort Hall Car Park

Turn up, look for the banners, meet his friends and support our Abdul!

Thursday 16 May 2013


Step up the pressure!

Abdul has been given his scheduled date for removal and flight time from the UK for early morning next Wednesday 22nd May at 00.10am. He is understandably very worried about this but his many friends continue to support him in every way they can.
What you can do: 
  • first and foremost, sign the petition at
  • write to your local MP (or the relevant office for external affairs if you're outside of the UK) 
  • write to Home Secretary, Theresa May MP at 
  • write to Minister for Immigration, Mark Harper MP, at 
  • telephone the office of the Home Secretary, Theresa May MP, on
    +44(0)20 7035 4848 or +44(0)870 606 7766 
  • telephone the office of the Minister for Immigration on
    +44(0)20 7035 4848 or +44(0)20 7219 5056
Let's make a big push over the next few days to help ensure that Abdul stays.
Solidarity with Abdul!

Saturday 11 May 2013

Release Abdul

Campaign for Abdul Ghafar Rajabali 
to be released immediately from detention and his deportation halted

Abdul is 23 years old, lives in Leicester and is from Afghanistan, where he suffered terrible persecution.  His father was Russian and when Abdul was a baby, his parents and all his family were murdered.  Abdul was rescued from a deserted building by a neighbour who brought him up.  However, when he was a teenager, the Taliban invaded his house and demanded he join them or he would be shot.  The neighbour hid Abdul and later sold her house in order to raise the money to get him out of Afghanistan and avoid further persecution.

When he came to England six years ago, Abdul was unable to pay for a solicitor for his asylum claim.  He was also given an interpreter who did not understand his dialect of Dari.  As a result, his asylum claim was handled badly and, indeed, he was unable to even attend the hearing.

When his initial claim to stay here was refused, Abdul took to the streets, living on free food and sleeping rough for over five years.  He suffered terrible depression and post-traumatic stress disorder.  He lived like this to avoid being sent back to Afghanistan where he feared further persecution.

Abdul was found destitute by the Red Cross.  He has a medical condition that would be untreatable in Afghanistan and suffers from chronic post-traumatic stress syndrome to this day.  Abdul was granted Section 4 accommodation from the UK Border Agency (UKBA) while his medical case was reviewed.  

No longer living on the streets meant that Abdul could attend English classes and he can now read and write in English.  In fact, this is the only language he can read and write in as he is illiterate in his original language.  He has also become more involved in the local community, helps out at Leicester City of Sanctuary based at Leicester Cathedral (where he was previously interviewed by BBC Radio Leicester) and participates in a local football team.

Abdul’s Section 4 accommodation ended during the first week of May 2013 when he was asked to submit a doctor’s letter explaining that he should continue to be rehoused due to his medical needs.  This letter was replied to by his doctor who supported his need to be in accommodation based on his extreme post-traumatic stress syndrome. Abdul’s solicitor is also in the process of submitting a fresh asylum claim based on new evidence why he should stay in this country.

As part of his asylum requirement, Abdul regularly reported to the UKBA reporting station in Loughborough.  However, while reporting to UKBA on Friday 10th May 2013, he was detained and held at Loughborough police station.  From there, he was to be transferred to Morton Hall Detention Centre in Lincolnshire to await his removal back to Afghanistan.

If Abdul is removed against his will and sent back to Afghanistan, he will not be able to survive there.  He has no family in Afghanistan and he knows absolutely no one there who could help him, although there are those who would definitely persecute him.  Abdul has already suffered extreme persecution because of his family background. 

Meanwhile, Abdul continues to suffer with post-traumatic stress syndrome and will not get the medical treatment he needs in Afghanistan.  His current detention will only exacerbate his condition.

Abdul has touched the hearts of everyone who knows him.  He has been trying to rebuild his life in a meaningful way, is willing to help others and plays a positive role in our local community.

We ask that he be released immediately from detention pending his asylum claim.